Recording Studios

The Valve and Wizard Recording Studio

  • Record to top end Digital and/or vintage Analogue gear.
  • Lockdown rates for more than 4 consecutive days.
  • Worldwide industry standard Mic's and Equipment.
  • Mixdown to 2 track Studer tape and/or Red book master.
  • Mastering done through TC Mainframe to dedicated stand alone two track digital recorder.
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+27 (0) 72 677 5018

Dreamspace Recording Studios

Dreamspace Recording Studios is a recording, mixing and post production facility based in Cape Town, South Africa. Combining cutting edge sound and recording equipment with focus on delivering the best to the client. Surrounded by great restaurants, 2 minutes from Cape Town CBD and a variety of hotels & guest houses, it truly is a “Dreamspace”.

Over the 8 years in operation the... Read More

021 461 7436

Milestone studios

Murray Anderson started Milestone Studios with Patrick Lee Thorp and Zayn Adam in 1987, to record demo songs for songwriters who were contracted to Mountain Records at the time. They included musicians like Robin Auld, Lesley Rae... Read More
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