Industrial Supplies

Mendomark Plumbing

We specialize in plumbing, maintenance, leak detection and geyser replacements.
We are also on the forefront of energy saving products. We highly recommend
the installation of our alternate energy water heaters. We guarantee a high level
of workmanship and will ensure that your products operate at maximum efficiency,
with warranties on all products.

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021 510 4430

A.L.Tooling cc

Since 1986 A.L.Tooling cc is a competent , engineering industrial supplier. Servicing the South African Industry.. Our main aim is to assist companies to increase there productivity by offering our service & products.

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0027 21 801 2676
021 801 2676

Brilliant Plumbing

Brilliant Plumbing specializes in delivering excellent services, going above and beyond the needs of our client. Brilliant plumbing offers convenient, professional, expert service. We fast, cost effective while considering our carbon footprint by being environmentally friendly.

Brilliant Plumbing offers clients specialized packages to its clients base. Please visit our site for updates... Read More

+27 (0) 83 692 4596

Epping Industrial Suppliers

Epping Industrial Suppliers have been situated in Epping for 30 years and consider it to be the most central industrial site in Cape Town. It is convenient in that it provides easy access for our customers, suppliers and staff.

We are major suppliers to the industry and provide a variety of products to suit the needs of

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HSTM was first launched into the packaging trade in 1986, South Africa.
Since then it has become one of the leading manufacturer of glues, sealants and sticky tapes.

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Industrial Gas Solutions

Suppliers of Industrial Gas Regulators and Gas Cutting Equipment in South Africa.

Industrial Gas Solutions has established itself over the past 30 years as one of the leading suppliers of Special Application Industrial Gas Regulators, including High Pressure and Volume Regulators for... Read More
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