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Holy Cross Brooklyn

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross is a Swiss Congregation founded in Switzerland. The South African Province of the Congregation was founded from the General Motherhouse in Switzerland in 1883. This was the first time that a Catholic religious congregation had embarked upon missionary activity outside the confines of Europe. Therefore we celebrate, this year, and with great joy... Read More

holy cross brooklyn

Herschel girls high school

Herschel, founded in 1922, is an independent Anglican School in Cape Town that provides an incomparable learning continuum for girls from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12. We work tirelessly to create an environment in which every girl has the opportunity to thrive and in which she is... Read More


Gardens Commercial High School

Gardens Commercial High School is a fine mixture of the old and the new. The five original houses which still form parts of the school buildings were built in 1882 and were used as U.C.T. residences during the 1920's. Since then they have housed a private hotel, the offices of the Provincial Administration (... Read More

021 465 1236

Sans Souci

As Sans Souci is a smaller school for girls (presently 406 pupils), it prides itself on knowing each... Read More

+27 21 671-7188
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Wynberg Girls high school

Welcome to the Wynberg Girls’ High School website. Founded in 1884, we are a school which embraces change and actively prepares our young women to take their place in a democratic South Africa and throughout the world. Our motto “Honour before Honours” emphasises the ethos of our school which encourages girls first to be a person of integrity, before seeking outward accolades and rewards.... Read More

Phone: +27 21 7642200
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Pinehurst's mission is to provide an environment which enables children to develop so that they might realise their potential, through the provision of a balanced and varied curriculum.

We strive to create numerous opportunities to enrich our children's education in the following spheres:

  • Academic
  • Cultural
  • Sporting
  • Spiritual
  • Social... Read More

Good hope high school

Good Hope Training School was founded in 1929, with classes first being conducted in the Salt River Seventh-day Adventist Church, just outside of Cape Town. Its first principal was Ms Vicky Sutherland. In April 1930, the school was moved to its own home on a farm, called Riverside, a few kilometres down the road from Athlone station. 

... Read More


We will do our very best to inform and educate.

This  English Medium School provides  a  great standard of  education and  lessons  only provided  in the  English Language (with the exception of  second  language lessons  provided  in Afrikaans/isiXhosa)  so you can be  sure  that your  child has  the... Read More

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Wynberg boys high school

On the 1st July 1841, John McNaughton opened the doors of his new school, the ‘Established School at Wynberg’ in Glebe Cottage. Newly arrived from Scotland, he found himself teaching in a single room with 65 pupils – none of whom could read and write! In addition, he was sharing the cottage with the Lady D’Urban School of Industry for young ladies. In terms of the Government policy of the day... Read More

wynberg boys
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