Omega Watches

OMEGA has continually made significant contributions to the art of watchmaking since its founding in 1848. These include the calibre “Omega” introduced in 1894 and the "Marine" created in 1932. They range from the launch of the Speedmaster in 1957 to the Co-Axial calibres which took the horological industry by storm half a century later. While OMEGA has distinguished itself in a number of... Read More


Austrian immigrant, Joseph Stern believed that with the combination of quality and craftsmanship, one could create the perfect piece of jewellery. So, when he opened the very first Sterns store in Johannesburg in 1896, this was one of his core values. Now more than 115 years later, the Sterns brand still holds on to that very philosophy.

Our desire to share the joy and to be there for... Read More

Galaxy and Co

Galaxy was founded in 1930 by Mr. Icky Kurgan, under the name of I Kurgan & Co (Pty) Limited, a significant supplier to all major jewellery retail chains in South Africa. By 1970 Galaxy became the major supplier of diamond jewellery to the jewellery chain store industry throughout South Africa. The gold price spiked resulting in high commodity prices which resulted in a drop in unit sales... Read More

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Wolf Bros

A Modest Start

In the late 1800's, Angel and Isador Wolf decided to leave their family in London and immigrate to South Africa in search of new horizons. They had grown up in their father's jewellery business, started in 1867 in downtown London and felt that South Africa was a land of promise and opportunity. In 1902, the brothers put their resources together and opened a modest shop in... Read More

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