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About Us

DataSwift is a software development company in Cape Town, South Africa.

Being a Software development company means we can create the software that you want.

We have been perfecting our software design for over 10 years, focusing on rapid and robust software development. With our expertise we can offer affordable software to solve your problems and organise your information.

We specialize in software development where a web browser is used to access information stored in a database. This enables our software to be installed on a personal computer, on a business's local network, or on a web server on the Internet, making it suitable for any requirement or business of any size.

Below is a list of the main benefits of custom software developed for a business or organization:

You will not need to change your business to use software developed to your needs.

You have access to support from the developers of your custom software and they are available to prevent any problems.

Custom software can be changed as your business changes.

The company which developed the software can provide personal training.

Custom software is easier to use because it is developed for you.

More features can be added to custom software when you need them.

Custom software saves costs because you only pay for what you need.

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